Wholesale of wood fuel to Europe

Fuel briquettes “RUF”

Briquettes are sawdust cylinders, which are compressed at a high temperature and then used as a natural fuel. They are usually produced from agricultural wastes, livestock, industrial and urban wastes or a mixture all these things. Our briquettes are made from pure wood waste.

We choose to stock wood briquettes made from unadulterated hardwood or softwood. Some other biomass products such as straw, bracken, and coffee tend to have a higher ash content and lower calorific value than clean timber. The most commonly used material here is timber industry waste — sawdust. Pure softwood or hardwood briquettes are the best ones to choose. Softwood grows faster and therefore its timber is less dense. Hardwood sawdust bricks are made from trees such as Oak, Ash, Beech and others. They grow slowly and therefore provide high density of material.

The best briquettes are produced with conformity to the European standards: dimensions range from 7.5 to 9 cm in diameter with a length of 4 to 5 times the diameter size.

For preparing sawdust briquettes for sale, the raw materials go through the following steps:

Firstly, the raw materials are collected. The sawdust from all the sawing machines are sacked by different pipes and a motor for suction. They are transferred to the warehouse of raw materials. On this step the content of moisture may be much more than 10%. Secondly, all the gathered materials are dried and under the influence of high temperatures the moisture content is reduced to less than 10%. Modern technologies allow to do it effectively in a short period of time. Drying is the most important step here.  Among other things, bad-quality drying causes problems with compacting, as briquettes often start to crack. Thirdly, the dry material is compacted with a special hydraulic piston briquetting machine. It presses material under 5 MPa and shapes briquettes in accordance with the European standards.

So, it’s enough with the definition and production process. Why to use them?

  1. Briquettes are relatively cheap if to compare with other fuel types and especially logs or coal.
  2. They are characterised by low moisture content of 10%. This guarantees more heat efficiency and less problems with the chimney.
  3. Buying briquettes you help the environment.

Many people struggle to choose between lump charcoal and sawdust briquettes for their domestic use. The internet is full of pages describing pros and cons of using briquettes or charcoal for the home needs. Both types of fuel are absolutely eco-friendly and both are highly popular. So, the decision depends on what effect are you waiting for. Briquettes are able to stay at a constant temperature for a long period of time and a reusable. They are very convenient for cooking big pieces of meat or indirect grilling. So, you can surely choose these sawdust bricks for your wood stove. Algromeda is a trusted supplier of wood fuel for domestic and commercial needs. Our sawdust briquettes are ideal for domestic usage and easy to store. You can choose the convenient form of order: we sell and deliver in packages of 15 pieces. Please, contact our manager if you have any questions about the quality of production, our prices and delivery terms.

Fuel briquettes RUF