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Kindling in nets

Lighting a fire can seem easy at first sight, but when you start to deal with it, the process may become painstaking. There are many peculiarities to pay attention to and many tips to use. For example, it is absolutely impossible to light a huge log with a match. It simply won’t get hot enough to combust. Or it may be difficult to heat the wood you have found during your camping because of a high moisture content. To cope with all these things you need to remember one simple word: proper kindling.

Kindling is wood sticks that can be quickly ignited and used for starting a fire. These sticks are small and dry enough to catch a fire practically with a match. They receive their ideal size and form with a kindling cracker, which splits the wood in effective way. It is a kindling cutting tool which usually consists of a solid piece of iron. Kindling crackers are widely available for sale. Kindling is stored in a place where it can be protected from moisture or open fires, but still able to breathe. You may use special bags for kindling wood.

So, why it works? From the point of physics, it’s about their moisture content and density.

These pieces of wood are highly saturated with oxygen, which makes them catch fire immediately. The same will happen with a wad of hay, that has a big surface area and low density. Another point is that they are dry. Green or moist wood is too hard to burn as humidity evaporation causes cooling and out gassing decreases the amount of oxygen on the surface. So, proper kindling definitely works. The next question is how to choose the proper one.

At first, pay attention to the following quality standards:

  • It must have humidity content — strictly below 20%
  • It’s shouldn’t be treated with any pallets, MDF and other man-made chemicals. Kindling is a natural fire-lighter.

Secondly, think about the firewood you use and what your fire is for.

If you deal with damp large firewood during your camping, the best solution will be using proper tinder together with kindling. Tinder is fastly combustible material, which is often used to start a fire. The burning tinder ignites kindling, which in turn gets the firewood burned. When your firewood is dry and well-seasoned, you can buy fatwood sticks, which quickly get going without tinder. Fatwood firestarter kindling sticks are usually made from fallen pine tree wood.

So, you have bought proper kindling from a supplier and what’s next? Here are some easy tips for your fire:

  • Use some kindling for top layer of your fire
  • Make sure that all your stack doesn’t take up more than half of height in the fireplace
  • Place the kindling in a criss-cross pattern and leave gaps for the air to flow between the sticks
  • Light your fire from its top

Algromeda is a trusted supplier of kindling. Our product is a natural firelighter, ideal for domestic usage and easy to store. You can choose the convenient form of order: we sell and deliver kindling in wooden boxes or grids. Please contact us if you have any questions about the quality of our production, our prices and delivery terms.

Kindling in nets