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Kindling in crate

Kindling is small and dry sticks that help get a fire going. It speeds up the process of wood ignition and gets the fire bigger and hotter. With the help of kindling cracker they receive an ideal form and size. Cracker is a tool that has replaced axe, as it allows to split firewood in a fast, easy and safe way.

Hesitating if you need to buy kindling for your homefire? People often use paper, pieces of wood they find during the camping, or something equally flammable, such as leaves or dried moss to provide the initial ignition. But all this objects won’t be as effective as proper kindling is: they are often moist, which makes it hard to catch a flame.

Let’s enumerate the reasons why a fire needs proper kindling:

  1. Kindling is a natural firelighter. It isn’t made from pallets and doesn’t contain any man-made chemicals. The tree produces the same carbon it had absorbed.
  2. Kindling is compact and easy to store. We sell and deliver it in wooden boxes or in convenient grids.
  3. It is characterized by low humidity: kiln dried kindling has a moisture content below 12%, which makes it fast-burning and effective.
  4. Kindling saves your time and energy as there’s nothing more satisfying on a dark and cold night than failing to light a fire with moist wood pieces that were at hand.

How to choose the right kindling? It depends on your firewood and “fire-purpose”:

  • Depending on the firewood you have, you may use kindling differently. If you deal with moist firewood or the wood with bark on it, you will definitely need tinder in addition to the usual kindling. If the firewood is dry and well-seasoned, you an buy buy fatwood kindling — sticks, that are highly effective without tinder.
  • Now let’s choose between softwood and hardwood kindling. While the first a is good fire-starter, and the produced flame and heat is hot enough for cooking purposes, it burns quickly and won’t last long. To maintain a slow burning fire or to cook and grill food, it is better to use hardwood kindling.

The best kindling for fireplace follows three concrete rules. So, to choose the one and store it properly pay attention to these standards:

  • Klinding must have low moisture amount — below 20%. If the amount is above 20% it can damage the stove or pipework. Its prolonged use may cause a sticky residue that creates a risk of a chimney fire. 
  • It’s better to avoid any treated woods such as pallets, MDF, painted timer and other man-made chemicals. It must be a natural fire-lighter.
  • Klinding must be stored in a place where it can be protected from the elements, but still able to breathe. Also, you need to protect kindling from open flames, as it catches fire easily.

Algromeda is a trusted supplier of kindling. Our product is a natural firelighter, ideal for domestic usage and easy to store. You can choose the convenient form of order: we sell and deliver kindling in wooden boxes or grids. Please contact us if you have any questions about the quality of our production, our prices and delivery terms.

Kindling in crate