Wholesale of wood fuel to Europe

Fuel pellets EN + A1 in 15kg plastic bags

Wood pellets are small compressed particles of sawdust and related wood wastes. They are produced from a wide range of products: industrial waste, food waste, energy crops, agricultural residues, sawdust and wood chips. Depending on the pellet composition and the wood species, they are usually divided into hardwood and softwood, pure wood pellets and the ones with admixtures.

Pellets are the most common type of fuel that is now available on the market. Industrial enterprises and households are switching to wood pellets as a heat source, owing to their cost-effectiveness and being environment friendly. Usually three main types of pellet heating appliances are distinguished: free standing pellet stoves, pellet stove inserts and pellet boilers. If you want to “go green”, you need just to instal a wood pellet stove in your house and buy a bag of wood pellets, which will definitely help to reduce your dependence on using natural gas or fossil fuels.

If to enumerate the positive sides of using wood pellets for the enterprise and the household, the followings come to mind firstly:

  1. It is easy to store pellets due to their size and compactness. Also they can be purchased in practical pellet bags of 15 kg. The modern pellet stoves are fully programmable and compact heating systems. So, if you are dealing with this fuel type, the appliance and a few pellet stove bags will be easy to handle.
  2. Their combustion is highly efficient: with the same amount we can gain more heat with pellets than with wood. It was calculated, that one ton of wood pellets equals to 120 gallons of oil, 170 gallons of propane, 16,000 ft3 of gas and 4,755 kwh of electricity. By the way, statistics also show that an average household burns approximately five or six tons of pellets in a season.
  3. Pellets are an environmentally-friendly fuel. At first, they have a very small carbon footprint. Secondly, wood wastes recycling helps to save planet resources and keep the nature from the unnecessary forest losses.
  4. The price of wood pellets is relatively low and they are stable in terms of fluctuations.
  5. The amount of ash and soot leaved after pellets equals to only 1%. So, they are much more convenient in terms of cleanliness.

A client may choose the most convenient way for him to receive the pellets: they are usually sold in bags or in bulk. The former ones are wood pellet 15kg bags which are usually purchased for domestic needs. Bulk pellets are usually sold by ton and are delivered in pellets bulk bags.

It’s also important to mention, that regardless of the fuel type, the amount of heat and price you pay for it is also determined by the following factors: how the house is insulated, heating system efficiency, and the desired temperature. Algromeda is a trusted wood pellets supplier. We can easily provide you with a few bags of high-quality pellets for your pellet stove. Our fuel is made with conformity to the standards commonly used in Europe. We can sell and deliver them bagged or in bulk. Please contact us if you have any questions about the quality of our production, its sustainability and delivery.

Fuel pellets EN + A1 in 15kg plastic bags