Wholesale of wood fuel to Europe

Fuel pellets EN + A1 in big bag

Wood pellets are a biomass fuel produced from compressed sawdust and different industrial related wastes. They recieve cylindrical and dense shape after a compression process at the pellet plant. At high temperature wood exudes natural glue and all the sawdust particles stick together tightly.

Biomass fuel pellets are leading the new energy boom.The world market of wood-pellets will see the 6.9% growth  over the next years, according to the latest studies. Pellet fuel will be able to meet the demand when other renewables such as solar and wind are unable.

Pellets are becoming highly popular both for domestic and commercial usage, displacing oil and gas fuel systems in residential, commercial and institutional applications. People shift to using pellet heating appliances and here is the reason: they are able to give a 49% return on investment per year over 15 years according to the biomass pellet suppliers information. Usually three main types of pellet heating appliances are distinguished: free standing pellet stoves, pellet stove inserts and pellet boilers.

There are significant reasons for such a growth. Among the benefits of biomass fuel pellets we can enumerate the followings:

  1. Lower heating costs. Wood Pellets are densely packed high calorific wood. They are characterised by much higher efficiency in comparison to traditional wood products. In general you can expect a 25% savings as a minimum compared to traditional fossil fuels.
  2. The price is also reasonable: biomass wood pellets prices are relatively low characterised by stability in terms of fluctuations.
  3. Pellets are en environmentally friendly solution. Food waste, nutshells, bark, seeds, energy crops, and virgin lumbe — all these things can be used as raw materials for the wood pellet production. This makes them a modern eco-friendly alternative to traditional types of fuel. Eco-activists argue that its sustainability makes pellets much better that non-renewable fuels, such as oil, natural gas and propane. Pellets are carbon-neutral as well.
  4. Pellets significantly outstrip logwood in terms of dryness. Their moisture content accounts for approximately 10%, while logwood has 30-50%. This feature makes them have comparably higher heating value.
  5. Many industrial enterprises and households have made a shift to using pellet fuel. If to use pellets of decent quality and energetically effective stoves or boilers, their heat value can total up to 4.5-5.0 kWh per kilogram.
  6. Finally, pellets are compact and easy to be stored. They can be delivered in a convenient for the client way: in large bags or small packages of 15 kg.

Algromeda is a trusted biomass wood pellets supplier.  Our pellets are able to compete commercially and operationally with other fuel types and are produced with conformity to the standards that are commonly used in Europe. Our biomass pellets price per ton start from 120 euros. Please, contact our manager if you have any questions about the quality of our production, its sustainability and delivery.

Fuel pellets EN + A1 in big bag