Wholesale of wood fuel to Europe

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Since 2016, our organization UAB Agromeda has been manufacturing and supplying high-quality chopped firewood and other wood-based biofuel from the Republic of Belarus to European countries.

  We offer our customers and partners a stable wholesale supply of our products all year round.

     We are able to deliver the goods both by yours and our transport on FCA terms (from our warehouse in Belarus), as well as delivering goods by our transport on the terms of DAP (with your customs clearance) or DDP (delivery of goods to your warehouse with our customs clearance).

Our main activity is the wholesale of the following goods to European countries:

chopped firewood of technical drying (with humidity less than 20%) or chopped firewood of natural humidity

kindling (ignition torch)

fuel briquettes (RUF)

fuel pellets

About company
About company
About company