Wholesale of wood fuel to Europe

Kiln Dried Mixed Hardwood Firewood

Firewood is a natural wood fuel, which is used for domestic and commercial needs. If you want to heat your house, get a pleasure from watching the flames in the fireplace or cook something during camping, the proper firewood is exactly what you need.  Firewood is  usually divided into seasoned or unseasoned and softwood or hardwood heat logs.

Today there is no sense in getting the firewood just like old times. Just leave it for the professionals. Why? Because of the quality and cost-effectiveness of the wood you will get:

  1. This firewood is well-prepared, seasoned and dry. One of the wood preparation stages is thorough technical drying. It is done to reduce the moisture content of wood. While the raw material is characterized by 30-50% of humidity, the content of moisture of the firewood after processing equals to 20%, which is considered to be a quality standard. This increases the burning capacity of wood, as the moisture won’t need time to be evaporated when heating the logs.
  2. As all the wood pieces are of the same size, they are easy to store and handle. The usual size for them is 22-25 or 30-33 cm with the thickness of 8-16 cm. Their weight varies from 6 to 15 kg depending on the size and composition of wood.

People often struggle to choose between softwood and hardwood logs to buy. Let’s go deeper in the question. It is classified like that due to the different structure and makeup of wood species. Dried hardwood logs are produced from the slowly growing trees, which timber becomes highly dense with the time. Examples of these trees include beech, maple, oak, walnut and others. On the other hand, softwood trees grow faster and are characterised by lower density. These are the cedars, pines, redwoods and spruces. You can easily find seasoned softwood or hardwood logs for sale, but firstly pay attention to the following facts.

The wood with low density is highly saturated with oxygen, which makes it to catch fire fastly and burn quicker. That’s why hardwood will perform much better if you want to use it for the fireplace, a stove or a fire pit. The burning time of kiln dried hardwood logs is 2-3 hours against an hour of burning softwood and constant transporting of wood pieces. Hardwood produces more heat as well. The only thing some people hesitate about is that hardwood is dried slower. But if to order the seasoned hardwood logs, the problem quickly disappears.

Of course, it doesn’t mean that softwood is a product of bad quality. Everything depends on the purposes of your fire. In case you need the wood that easily splits, quickly catches the fire and burns faster, you may choose softwood. Algromeda’s hardwood logs for sale are processed in accordance to all the standards and are easy to store. We make our product from ash, hornbeam, oak, maple and elm and dry it efficiently.  We deliver the hardwood logs stacked in wooden boxes. Other forms of delivery are also possible on request. Please, contact our managers to know more about the quality of our production, our prices and delivery terms.

Kiln Dried Mixed Hardwood Firewood