Wholesale of wood fuel to Europe


we are engaged in production and sale of wood fuel:

Since 2016, our organization UAB Algromeda has been manufacturing and supplying high-quality chopped firewood and other wood-based biofuel to European countries.

  We offer our customers and partners a stable wholesale supply of our products all year round.

  We are able to deliver goods by our transport on DAP Incoterms (with your customs clearance) or DDP Incoterms (delivery of goods to your warehouse with our customs clearance).

Our main activity is the wholesale of the following goods to European countries:

Firewood Kiln Dried (moisture content less than 20%) or firewood of natural moisture

kindling (ignition torch)

fuel briquettes (RUF)

fuel pellets

Our production

best heat logs

Kiln Dried
Birch Firewood

cheap wood pellets

Birch Firewood
(natural moisture)

kindling wood for sale

Kiln Dried
Alder Firewood

simply wood pellets

Alder Firewood
(natural moisture)

cheap kiln dried logs

Kiln Dried
Hornbeam Firewood

hardwood heat logs

Hornbeam Firewood
(natural moisture)

kiln dried logs bags

Kiln Dried
Oak Firewood

wood pellets prices per ton

Oak Firewood
(natural moisture)

bulk pellets

Kiln Dried Mixed
Hardwood Firewood

hardwood logs for sale

Mixed Hardwood Firewood
(natural moisture)

flamers wood logs

Kiln Dried
Mixed Soft-leaved

kiln dried logs for sale

Mixed Soft-leaved
(natural moisture)

wood pellets

Firewood in nets or plastic bags

firewood kindling

briquettes "RUF"

log burner briquettes

in crate

briquettes for sale

Fuel pellets EN +
A1 in big bag

sawdust briquettes

in nets

kiln dried hardwood logs

Fuel pellets EN + A1
in 15kg plastic bags

Thanks to the complete control of each stage from the production process to the receipt of our products by the buyer, we guarantee the highest quality. Each batch of goods prior to shipment passes quality control:

buy wood pellets

Checking the size of firewood

premium wood pellets

Moisture Measurement

best fuel for multi fuel stove

Examination for lack of marriage

Product Photos

Quality certificates

Wood is a biomass fuel and renewable energy source. It has become today’s eco-alternative to the fossil fuels and it quickly gains popularity in commercial and institutional applications. If you’re still new to the topic of wood fuels, or you are ready to use them, there is a lot of information you need to study.  There are many peculiarities about the topic and we are going to brief you about it! Let’s go through the main benefits of wood fuel:
  • It is much cheaper and affordable in comparison to other forms of fuel, like gas or fossil fuels. The price of wood burner fuel is also stable in terms of fluctuations.
  • Wood fuels are an eco-friendly solution. At first, they are absolutely carbon-neutral. It only emits the same amount of carbon it had absorbed. Secondly, they give a possibility to recycle industrial wastes, and wisely allocate planet resources. Thirdly, the modern appliances such as stoves, fireplaces, boilers or chimneys are clean, safe for the environment and very efficient.
  • It is a renewable source of energy.
  • Fuelwood has a high level of combustion efficiency. It is comparable to other fuel types in the heating capacity, but it’s price is still winning.
  • Due to the production standards all the types of wood fuel have a stated size and form. For this reason they are compact, handy and easy to store.
  • They leave a very little amount of ash and soot after burning. So, cleaning the appliances from the burning waste won’t be a trouble.
Wood is used as fuel in various forms. It’s not only the firewood fuel for the log burners. Each of them is suitable for specific appliances and purposes. Among them we can introduce the wood pellets, briquettes, kindling and the firewood logs:
  • Wood pellets are an ecological type of fuel, which is mainly produced from compressed sawdust. They are characterised by high density and low content of humidity (below 10%) which allows them to burn with high efficiency of combustion. 1 ton of wood pellets equals to 120 gallons of oil, 16000 ft3 of gas and 4755 kwh of electricity. Pellets are considered to be a great wood stove fuel.
  • Kindling, or wood chip fuel are small pieces of wood used to start the fire. It’s easily flammable, dry and small, that’s why it helps a fire get going easily. It can fastly ignite the bigger pieces of wood in the fireplace.
  • Sawdust briquettes are cylinders, which are compressed at a high temperature. Thy can be easily broken to any size you need. Due to their high density, briquettes burn slowly and have high combustion capacity. Some people argue that briquettes are the best fuel for the multi fuel stove.
  • Firewood fuel is wooden material, which is usually sold in the form of log burner fuel. It is not as much processed as briquettes or pellets but still very effective.
You can get the full information about each type on the product pages of our website. Algromeda is a trusted supplier of firewood for domestic and commercial needs. Our products are processed in accordance to all the standards and are easy to store. We can consult you on all of the above-mentioned types of wood fuel. Please, contact our managers to know more about the quality of our production, our prices and delivery terms. Wood is a biomass fuel